Monta Public API is in BETA currently.

In order to get access to it, you might have to opt-in to our Beta program. This can be done in your user account settings in our application or in our CPMS.

Due to the nature of being in BETA, parts of the API might change.


Welcome to the Monta Public API!

With the popularity of EVs growing worldwide and listening to our users the Public API is here! The API is designed to help EV owners to have an easier path to build automations, dashboards, and analyze their data.

This documentation will guide you through the steps to set up your access, as well as show you how to use our APIs.

Have fun!

Getting Access

In order to obtain an access token for our endpoints, you need to provide a clientId and clientSecret. You can create them in our new CPMS: https://app.monta.app/portal/


You can create as many applications with their own client credentials in the CPMS as you want. We suggest creating a unique application for each of your consumers, e.g. one for home assistant and another one for others.

To set up the application in the CPMS, make sure to sign in and find your user on the bottom left screen and click on Applications.

Click on + Add Application, enter a name and Save. You will be presented with your clientId and clientSecret.


Note that your clientSecret will be only visible now, make sure to store it securely (e.g. in a password manager). If you forgot your clientSecret or need to renew it, use the Reset function in the application list.

The generated clientId and clientSecret will be used to authenticate with our API and obtain an accessToken. This accessToken will be used for any subsequent calls to our API. Read more about it in Authentication.


See: Changelog