⚠️ Deprecations

  • maxKW on various models has been marked as deprecated and will be removed by 01.12.23, use the new maxKw field instead.

🚀 Features

  • Retrieving charges from other users on your charge points:
    • When querying for charges without chargePointId, all your charges will be returned (any charge performed by the user matching your API application)
    • When querying for charges with a chargePointId, all charges performed for that charge point are returned, regardless of the user who started them
  • You can stop any charge that has been started on any of your charge points, regardless if your user or someone else started the charge
  • A new field cost has been added to Charge model
  • As of 23.02.24 you can also access charge points that are part of a team where you are a member with role admin.



Initial Release 🤩

🚀 Feature

  • Authenticate applications
  • Retrieve Charge Points
  • Retrieve Charges
  • Retrieve Wallet Transactions
  • Start/Stop charging on your own Charge Point

📝 Docs

  • Initial documentation added